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I have been gardening many years and have tried just about every type of soil enhancer and amendment available. When I heard of earthly matters soil and worm castings I was curious to give it a try.

I could not believe the results that we achieved! Our roses that had been badly winter damaged grew to 6 feet and bloomed profusely for several months. We planted four tomato plants and harvested over 100 pounds of tomatoes.

All of my flowers and vegetables were healthier than they have ever been. I would recommend these products to any gardener who wants to achieve excellent results! It works!

— Bev & Tim Waters

Dear Earthly Matters,

Thank you so much for the soil you delivered this last summer. It was wonderful and by far the best soil I have ever used in a garden. There were way less weeds constantly popping up than in the soil we ordered from somewhere else the year before and the delivery straight into the garden bed was a very nice treat. The worm castings were very nice as well. Our plants seemed to thrive on the tea we made from them and our harvest was very plentiful.

We also used it a number of times on our lawn with wonderful results. I would recommend your soil and worm castings to anyone looking to boost their garden harvest or simply help their lawn and flowers look their best. Thank you!

— Rachel Amantea

In all my 86 years, I have never seen anything like this.

— Ida Kammerer

I have been growing roses for years. Last year I dug Earthly Matters worm castings around all the roses. They had continuous blossoms from early June until freeze up.

I also dug castings around all my perennials; they produced the largest flowers I have ever seen. I had a hydrangea that appeared to be winter killed. It took a while but it did come back. Wonderful results!

Thanks Dan!

— Roger Johnson

We began working with Dan in 2011 using worm castings to enhance our flower beds and vegetable garden. Dan encouraged us to brew our own "worm tea," which has required very little effort on our part and with amazing results.

Dan has been a pleasure to work with and our yard has certainly benefited from his expertise.

— Darrel and Pat McKenzie

Soil is the most valuable resource on the planet, period! Worm castings have the ability to bring life back to dead and degraded soils rapidly.

What Earthly Matters is doing is one of the most important activities on the planet. Give Earthly Matters soil conditioners a try in the vegetable bed and you will notice the difference in flavor, plant size, health and the nutrition of your food. You won't be disappointed!

— Rob Avis